The American Heritage Collection ® manufactured in the United States by the The Decorative Hardware Studio offers a vast collection of bath accessories, door and furniture hardware, curtain and drapery rods and carpet rods for stair runners.  In addition, we custom manufacture hardware to specification.

Decorative Hardware Studio is a women owned US-based brass manufacturer. We maintain an ample inventory of raw products ready for fabrication to your requirements.  Our technical department can provide technical assistance for all your applications.

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer excellent quality hardware artistically engineered to the most stringent manufacturing standards. Our products are manufactured here in the United States using special virgin brass alloys. Every item is individually sand cast, or machined, by brass artisans, then hand polished to any of our over twenty metal finishes.

We look forward to becoming your source of some, or all of your hardware needs on current or future projects.

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