Furniture Hardware

English Hardware and French Hardware Cabinet Knobs

Furniture hardware has become in recent years a matter of practicality rather than d├ęcor. But the right kind of decorative furniture hardware can be an irreplaceable asset to the design of any room. The door and cabinet knobs, the drawer handles and door pulls, the metal hinges, the brass locks and latchets: with the right craftsmanship, these can add an unprecedented level of style and elegance to any room.

At the Decorative Hardware Studio, you will find top quality, custom hardware, manufactured in bronze and fine brass. We specialize in English hardware and French hardware, as well as Colonial designs. DHS furniture hardware is custom manufactured in the United States using the finest virgin brass materials. Each drop ring and escutcheon plate is designed by skilled artisans. All of our furniture hardware collections are guaranteed to satisfy your interior design project’s needs.

DHS is a brass manufacturer, which means we do not import our products. We have an extensive inventory and can provide you with quality technical assistance in any of your furniture hardware purchases and installations. We pride ourselves on our fine quality of period and contemporary custom hardware artistically engineered to meet the highest standards. Each piece of hardware is hand cast, or machined, and then hand polished to a smooth, brilliant finish. So take a look through our hardware collections, and see how we can help you give your room that special look and feel that can only come from an exquisite attention to detail and craft.

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